The Care/Social Community for dementia care is changing the course of dementia care for everyone. A DDHome(TM) is different from all other living models in two main areas: design and care partnership model of care. Take a listen to this important interview with Dr. Gordon Atherley from the Family Caregivers United radio program.

Dr. Éthelle G. Lord, Founding President of the International Caregivers Association,, discusses improvements she wants to see in dementia care, the main features of the Discus Dementia Home, and how it will help in bringing the improvements. She explains how the Discus Dementia Home Model of Care and Social Community supports individuals living with dementia, and their families and family caregivers. She talks about care partners and how are they trained to support the individuals. She highlights how the social and community support takes account of culture and language of individuals, their families and their family caregivers. She explains the factors to be considered when a Discus Dementia Home is suggested for a particular region. She says where she is considering setting up Discus Dementia Homes and how far along these are, what types of developers or investors she’s looking for, and what help she wants from them. She shares her message about dementia care.

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