Traditional Herbalist and Intuitive Healer

Natalia Bragg is a practicing Herbalist for over a half century. She lives and works in Northern Maine in the United States. For several decades she has traveled to teach her craft. She also teaches classes on the farm at Knot II Bragg Farm in Wade, Maine.

Natalia currently serves on the Board of Directors of the newly formed Health Science Campus located in Honolulu, Hawaii and under the direction of David Harshfield, MD, a renowned stem cell medicine specialist. She is a founding member of the Aroostook County Herb Association.

Her roots and interest in herbs and healing are deep, six generations to be exact. Her great, great, great aunt, Sarah A. Randall, is a direct descendant of the Lords and Ladies of the Randall Estate in London, England. This estate provided the medicinal herbs and elegant soaps used by the King and Queen of England. In the 1859, Sarah became a nurse. Subsequently she received her Doctor of Osteopathic medicine (DO) and practiced in Aroostook County.

Another major influence from deep in Natalia’s psyche and bones is that of her great grandmother, Carrie Turner Alley. She was a wife, mother, midwife and lay doctor. Carrie’s clientele and patients included the towns of Mapleton, Ashland, Castle Hill, Washburn, Wade, and Crouseville in Aroostook County, Maine.

Carrie was solidly built and stood 4' 11". She was a twin. She was a pleasant, happy women with a delightful gift of the gab. She was also a very fine horsewoman and could often be seen making her rounds behind her dapple, grey Gelding, Phil.

Natalia is well known, especially in the State of Maine where she teaches and produces many herbal formulas, soaps, and other helpful products for her large, worldwide clientele. Among her most famous discoveries is a cancer treatment that has over 90% success in recovery; a burn salve treatment that quickly heals serious burns; and the planks of health formula that establishes a foundation for optimal health.

While her beginnings were humble, much like those of Sarah and Carrie before her, she is encouraged by the acceptance of alternative healing practices to be more inclusive in today’s world of health.