About Natalia Bragg


Natalia is a village herbalist in Northern Maine in the United States with over 55 years of experience in herbs and plants. She comes from 6 generations of herbalists and intuitive healers.

From the wilds of this small village in Northern Maine she cultivates, teaches, and nurtures the vast knowledge of botanical energy. Not every formula works for everybody. She uses her knowledge and wisdom to know the difference. Everyone is encouraged to consult with their own medical provider prior to and following her recommendations.

Here is her simple, but enormously healing formula. Most healthy individuals will feel a difference in increased energy within a week or two. Someone living with dementia and Alzheimer’s will feel a difference in weeks or months. However, it takes a total of two years for this formula to reach it’s maximum potential. Please remember that not all supplements are equal. Some do not work at all while others work instantly. To set up an appointment, please contact us here



This vitamin is the sunshine of your life and it is vitally important to your health. Nearly all living things need the sun to stay healthy, including humans. It is rare that we get sun every day, especially here in the Northeastern United States and many other areas in the world. So nearly 80% of the people that live in places like Northern Maine are Vitamin D deficient. All adults use approximately 4000 IU of their Vitamin D-3 every day. Plus, this vitamin is also a master hormone that directs traffic for all other systems in the body. Nothing works well without this element and it is the first plank of health. The body cannot do without it and someone living with dementia or Alzheimer’s need more of it.

Selenium is a vital mineral and one that we either do not have or have in very limited amounts in the soil. All warm-blooded animals, including humans, must have this mineral to remain healthy. It is fully 1/3 of your immune system and cancer cells cannot divide in a selenium-rich environment. This is your body’s first defense against cancer. Your brain information centers are powered with selenium. Selenium is stored in your ligaments and before your brain suffers a shortage of selenium, it will take it out of the ligaments to send it to protect the information centers in the brain. As the selenium is removed from the ligaments, the ligaments will shrink and become too tight. This causes pain and inflammation in the joints causing the belief that it is arthritis when you really have a selenium deficiency. On an magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) there is no difference between arthritis and selenium deficiency in the joints. The damage to the join is the same. However, the selenium-deficient joints can be corrected. After 45 years of age, 8 out of 10 people living in areas such as Northern Maine will suffer from this shortage of selenium. It is also why cancan will be our neighbor unless we wake up to these facts.

There are 17 vitamins B needed by the human body and 11 of them are instrumental for optimal health. Here are two examples: if you get short of B-1, you get type 2 diabetes; if you get short of B-12, you become anemic. Depression, anxiety, brain fog, and a general feeling of being unwell ride this horse. You can handle 1/3 more stress on a good quality B-Complex. Positive effects are experienced within a few weeks.

This is a food nutrient. It will take the place of Aspirin and has well known benefits. It coats the red and white blood cells, so they slide by each other in the veins and arteries without effort. This takes the strain off your heart. Garlic oil strengthens the veins and artery walls making them more elastic naturally lowering the blood pressure. If the veins and arteries are more elastic, nothing sticks to them and therefore the arteries remain clean.

These four elements are the platform of good health, whether we know it or not. Each one of these elements affect the heart, brain, and every system in your body. Unless you see it with your own eyes, it is hard to believe. It is so simple, yet essential in maintain optimal health.

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