ICA USA Team (West Coast)

As a former professional “full cycle” recruiter and staffer with over 15 years of sourcing clients, matching the client’s needs with the right candidate in multiple industries, which included government entities, Fortune 500 and 100 companies. I am applying this expertise to introducing The Original SANDDUNE™ Balance Apparatus with the same care and skill, in becoming part of a win-win solution for healthcare provider and patient, athlete and trainer or individual striving to strengthen, rebuild and revitalize “movement” in their everyday life.

Active my entire life (dancer, equestrian, track/field athlete) raised & coached by a Korean War Vet/ All American Athlete in the Marine Corps and college who then became a head coach for football & track and field, I understand the importance of balance and core strength as an athlete seeking to increase strength and flexibility and as it applies to interaction with an elder in the family or community needing to rebuild strength. These same mechanics also apply to both demographics in recovery from injury or surgery.