The ‘three best ways’ include three specialties proven to change the course of dementia care for everyone. Here is what we know for sure:

  • Energy Medicine has been successful at containing dementia
  • Memory Energy has been successful in remove all emotional stress in individuals
  • Botanical Energy has a proven record of giving you optimal health

ICA’s ‘three best ways’ is truly a breakthrough in dementia care. It has proven to contain dementia which then leads to regaining cognitive and physical abilities for these individual. Therefore, dementia care becomes easier and more effective.

We know that reducing caregiver stress is extremely important in having the ability to ‘put a new show on the road’ following years of providing such care. The ‘memory energy’ specialty at the ICA will allow you to ‘put a new show on the road’.

We also know that herbal preparations support the human body in special ways. When these are individually designed for you, chances of a complete recovery from dementia care or from living with dementia is possible. We have seen it.