By ‘priming for compliance’ to minimize resistance on the part of the care receiver, less time is required, which equals less time and energy expended, which leads to less stress and burnout, which results in less absenteeism, and finally, less costly workforce turnover.

Acquiring the tested and proven set of tools necessary for this specialized care is essential in reducing stress and frustration due to poor work habits. Families can find much comfort as integral parts of a larger interprofessional healthcare team and enjoy their role in this worldwide effort. If, and when, families find it necessary to place their loved one in long-term care due to family members’ physical and emotional limitations, the team will have already been established and be ready to step in.

Adopting ICA’s ‘three best ways’ breakthrough dementia care in your home, workplace, and country will change the way your community supports the millions of people living with dementia. You will also be supporting the quest for a dementia-friendly healthcare workforce ready to include families in the larger interprofessional team.