It begins with the family caregiver, who is often surprised by the diagnosis and soon overwhelmed by the demands of caring for their loved one, including the need for medical procedures of which they have no knowledge of or experience.

Second, current training programs in certified nursing assistant programs mention dementia care, but they focus mostly on statistics and the stages of dementia. Over 70% of people living in assisted living facilities and long-term care facilities are living with a dementia requiring specialized care, but we know that the staff in those facilities do not currently receive the necessary training.

Third, family caregivers, ‘pack leaders’, healthcare workers, healthcare professionals such as doctors and nurses, and care providers such as facility administrators and hospital CEOs can all benefit from coaching and consulting. Every breakthrough dementia-care coaching and consulting the ICA offers is offered as distance seervices unless otherwise requested.

Finally, dementia care coaching and consulting can benefit entrepreneurs everywhere who want to meet the needs of this fast-growing industry, because facilities that provide for the care and social needs of these families are needed everywhere. Find out what is needed and invest in those ideas that fill an important but urgent need for our society.