Introducing Re-LEAF Me Therapy

Cellular memory can be best described as a blueprint for your life experiences and an emotional expression of you based on those experiences. Each cell requires energy. When the experience is a negative one, this results in negative feelings, physical discomfort, and even serious illness such as PTSD or chronic depression.
There is scientific evidence with organ transplants when a recipient has reported new memories or habits after living with an organ transplant ( Cellular memory programs how we perceive life events; thoughts and feelings about daily events. It can be a sound, a smell, a tone of voice, anything that triggers a memory in you.
In the end, a cellular memory influences your relationships, how you work, and especially how you react to daily stress, emotional challenges and life in general. I like to call it the baggage we carry with us on a daily basis that becomes heavier and heavier as time goes on. It becomes impossible, sometimes, to simply let it go and because of that, life becomes less and less joyful, spontaneous and interesting.

Each life experience is stored in our cells and becomes a cellular memory. Each cellular memory has an emotional charge (like an electric charge). The more negative memories our body holds, the bigger the electric charge and the more blocking is created. The more blocking created, the more difficult it is for you to receive the message and upkeep optimal health, emotional and physical health.

Unlike mental health therapy or psychotherapy, Re-LEAF Me is completely content free. The Re-LEAF Me practitioner does not want to know which memory you want to erase. This knowledge is never shared. Instead you will need to simply bring it to your memory and hold that memory for a few seconds. At the end of that process, the Re-LEAF Me practitioner will check to see that in fact your feelings and emotions are now neutral where that memory is concerned. This technique is life changing and works for adults and children alike.

Soul Link refers to the emotional connection between an event and the body. It was discovered by Gary Sinclair. By using Soul Link in his life, he was able to resolve serious emotional and physical problems. Gary comes with a very long history of poor health and emotional trauma. He had asthma as a child and Multiple Sclerosis by age 22. Confined to a wheelchair by age 36, he was living with less than 20% mobility.

gary sinclair

By age 42, Gary regained 100% mobility, became a senior figure skater and won the United States National Senior Olympic Free Style Figure Skating Championship. With his technique, Gary now helps people overcome PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and any negative emotions individuals like to erase from their life. (

You can put a new show on the road. Turn a new leaf today. Experience the power of Re-LEAF Me today by requesting your FREE trial with Dr. √Čthelle Lord. Simply go to Contact and request an appointment (state you want a Re-LEAF Me demonstration).

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