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· Overview of the dementia care crisis in America
· Basic dementia care skills everyone needs to learn and apply
· Alzheimer/Dementia Coach Training Outline

424 pages – $19.99
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BookHere you will find the Alzheimer’s Primer “How in the World… and Now What Do I Do?” authored by Dr. Ethelle G. Lord and previously only available at The primer is available in printed form in English, Spanish, French, and Arabic.

This small publication is designed to help the medical community to reassure their patients that steps must be taken to maximize the management of such a diagnosis. It is especially designed to guide the family in taking the right steps more quickly and with more ease. In a way it is your map to Alzheimer’s. You will find useful resources that will clarify a complex and difficult diagnosis.

More about the Alzheimer’s Primer

cover 1In her latest book, “Alzheimer’s and Dementia Coaching: Taking A Systems Approach In Creating An Alzheimer’s Friendly Healthcare Workforce”

Dr. Éthelle G. Lord reveals her heart-felt feelings born of her experience as family caregiver for her husband, Major Larry S. Potter, USAF Retired, a specialist in the field of small business education, who lives with the diagnosis of Alzheimer’s. “I owe him an enormous debt and gratitude for introducing me to the connection between spirituality and dementia”, she writes.

What she also writes in her book is the product of her career as a university professor and her experienced-based, disciplined understanding of the clinical, psychological and spiritual value of dementia coaching, and of the need for a standard in dementia care education.

“Based on her painful struggles as well as rewarding experiences caring and advocating for her beloved husband Larry for close to 15 years, Dr. Lord not only transformed from a family care partner to what she calls a “pack leader” but she also discovered a major gap in the health and social care system for people living with dementia – the lack of International as well as Federal and State government support for a sorely needed profession in dementia care – The Dementia Coach.”

-Eilon Caspi Ph.D. Founder and Director, Dementia Behavior Consulting, LLC

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